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4 Healthy Ways to Drink a Coffee

4 Healthy Ways to Drink a Coffee
Coffee is favorite beverages in the world, so many people had a coffee to start the day, and many health proffesinal believe it also one of healthiest beverage when you find a way to make your coffee beIN healthy drink.

Many benefits on a cup of coffee that's benefits include appetite control and improve metabolism which could aid weight loss
However, drinking excessive coffee can also cause healthy problem.

Here 4 Healthy Ways to Drink a Coffee

1. Less Sugar
Less sugar on coffee can make your coffee became healthy beverage.

2. Make it Own
If You Make your own coffee you can determine the amount of sugar and cream so that is not to much

3. Cinnamon on your coffee
Firstly, thats make your coffee will taste better, cinnamon will increase your antioxidants to.
According to a Penn State Research study, cinnamon is a diet friendly spice because of high antioxidants content.

4. No Coffee After 2 P.M
Abstaining from coffee after 2 P.M is a good guideline, that's said not everyone is equally sensitive to the caffeine, some people can't sleep better if they had a coffee after 2 P.M but some people may sleep just fine even if they had a coffee late in the day