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5 Indonesian Best Coffee You Might have to Taste

5 Indonesian Best Coffee You Might have to Taste
When at the U.S we seem the drink wine became part of the culture country, but in Indonesia you will see that coffee became their culture, people from this asean country can't start the day until they got a cup off coffee everything morning

Coffee in Indonesia also known as "Kopi Nusantara "According to research from Aiki, Indonesian coffee consumption could reach 240,000 tons / capita in 2014,

What is really the best coffee in the Indonesia?

1. Arabica Coffee Toraja
Toraja Coffe is a coffee from East sulawesi, is not just consumed in Indonesia but also Internasional.

This coffee has a different taste from the others Coffee, thats make it almost be the best coffee, Japan and U.S was also Import this coffee

2. Arabica Coffee Gayo
This coffee can only be grown in the Aceh highlands, it is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world

3. Javanese Coffee
Javanese coffee no doubt is most popular Coffee in Indonesia, they have Coffee Ijen Raung Bondowo and the other.

4. Arabica Flores
Don't think you know Indonesia if u not taste Flores coffee, its most best coffee bean quality maybe different than many coffee in the world.

5. Arabica Kintamani, Bali
Bali as a know have a beautiful beach, but think that's bali haven't a better coffee beans is a big wrong