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6 Easy Ways To Protect Yourself As You Shop

6 Easy Ways To Protect Yourself As You Shop
Almost everything can be purchased online, so is it important to protect yourself as you Shop from falling victim to froud of thefts

Remember, one U.S citizen fall victim to identify theft every three seconds, they all may not take all appropriate step to avoid cheat

1. Check the URL Site

Look the address at the top of page, today consumer which mean you got to be vigilant to ensure you're on the authentic site, because today consumer are increasingly finding product through social media posts.

2. Read the Review

Read the review from last buyer, and quick online search for the retail for finding another review

3. Use the credit card or PayPal

The most dangerous thing you can do is use a debit card, that's mean you open up your entire bank account to bad guy

4. Temporary credit card number

Apple, Bank of America and capital one can be solution, because they offer temporary number that can be set expired once purchase is complete.

5. Vigilant if the deal seems to good

Even on black Friday you never get $.2000 purse for $.20

6. Comparing prise

Consumer can protect themselves by comparing prise with those on other site