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Could Democrats Impeached Trump Twice ? Absurd

Could Democrats Impeached Trump Twice ? Absurd
House Democrats impeached The President United States a few days ago, but the charge have never been used in a court of law, because they're not crimes, the charge just about abused the power and obstruction of Congress.

In two of previous impeachment of proceeding, Nixon was accused obstruction of Justice and Clinton was accused of perjury.

But Trump different, Trump impeachment more weaker the the Andrew Jhonson impeachment, this will be impeachment to go forward without such recognized crime, the Trump impeachment will also mark the absurd impeachment all of time

Tuesday George Conway was argued on Twitter that the president Donal Trump can be impeached twice if more evidence of wrongdoings is presented. this argue be a clue that impeachment Trump will be failed

Now, could have Democrats impeached Trump for second time ?

I think that's absurd idea, you must understand is that the mere fact that no president can impeached more than once, it's doesn't mean it can be happen but almost impossible to be happen with Trump get support .

People know that the impeachment was full of political animus,
Maybe house Democrats was claim that they were sad to impeached president, but no one believes that 

But Trump was get more public trust, Americans well aware corruption within their country, which is exactly why they elected Trump and they will do again 2020