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How Christmas In Indonesia Look Like ?

How Christmas In Indonesia Look Like ?
Christmas In Indonesia is also known as Natal, firstly when you talk about Indonesia, you have talked about the country with largest muslim population in the world.
Muslim in Indonesia is majority, but don't forget about Cristian, the minority has approximately 25 million who Will celebrate natal or Christmas on this country.

We read almost all the newsletter, they always spoke that's Christmas in Indonesia so gripping, they appear the security on Christmas party, they always show us how Indonesian Police must secure, they talked about muslim terrorist, about intolerant but it's not happen here.

All people here who celebrate Christmas not just Cristian, but Muslim also celebrate Christmas, 
Christmas was celebrated by various culture in Indonesia
As example, in Jakarta there is area named "Kampung Tugu" is known as a place where Indonesian with Portugal descandent riside.

Kampung Tugu have unique celebrating Christmas, and then Indonesian have "Wayang Kulit" on jogjakarta, "Marbinda" on North Sumatera, "Kunci Taon" on Manado and much more.

So ? Why You all must believe the Christmas In Indonesia so gripping ?

The reason off all the fake news is because Indonesian government always talk about muslim intolerant, but they can't prove it, it's seems like they just show us a fear campaign, but all Indonesian people mutual respect, they're very friendly.