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Prediction, Highest Paying AdSense Niches in 2020

Prediction, Highest Paying AdSense Niches in 2020
Build a site or blog now so easily, but if you think how to earn money from your site or blog that very difficult, you must learn about SEO, and find out what the best niches for your site to get money from AdSense.

Registered Google AdSense first step for you to get money, but you should know that Google AdSense are shown according niche content, some niche pay high and some pay slow, 
So, let's decide your site or your content fist.

Today I tried to predict highest paying AdSense Niches in 2020

1. Download Website
So many experience tell us this Niches can paying high.

2. Healthy and fitness
It's been one of The Best Niches on 2019

3. Insurance
Many insurance company advertise his company on Google AdSense

4. Automobile
Some automobile company can cost up for million dollars to finding potential buyer by paying Google AdSense

5. How Make Money Online 2020
Everyone in the world, every day they're always looking for easy ways to get money online