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Religious Harmony Being Disturbed, Several Mosque Was Burned

Religious Harmony Being Disturbed, Several Mosque Was Burned
Religious harmony in the world is being disturbed by the people who don't like that, it's been our biggest concern now, we need to be on the same page in order to produce the desired results.

yesterday we read about muslim Uighurs on China, and now it's about four mosque in the amraha region Ethiopia was burned by extremist to break down the country rich history of religious tolerance.

Prominent Muslim scholar Kamil Shemsu on Tuesday told The Associated Press there are political actors who want to pit one religious group against another and blamed the negative role of activists and videos circulated online.

Amhara regional officials said they have arrested 15 suspects in connection with the attacks.

Police commander Jemal Mekonnen told state media the attacks appeared to be triggered by news of a fire that broke out in an Orthodox church a few days earlier.

Regional officials were criticised for their slow response and their inability to stop similar attacks.

Many communities across Ethiopia have seen demonstrations including the capital, Addis Ababa.