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Three Benefits You Might Got From Soursop

Three Benefits You Might Got From Soursop
So many people are just love to drink soursop juice, the fruit mostly found in Mexico, south America, Africa and Indonesia.
At Indonesia, soursop also known as "durian from netherland", 
I don't know why they called that from netherland, maybe their ancestors believe that's fruit coming from netherland.

But nothing people know that so many benefits you might get from the soursop, the fruit also can treat your insomnia, prevent cancer and boosters your immunity.

There's three benefits you might have from soursop :

1. Relieves Respiratory Distress
Patients suffering from respiratory ailments like a cough, cold, or other forms, soursops anti-inflammatory properties can help clear out airways, relieve congestion, and soothe irritation

2. Treats Insomnia
If you're suffering from insomnia or restless sleep, soursop tea is a wise choice. Soursop tea has been used for centuries as a stress relieving agent. There are certain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of soursop that make it very effective for sufferers of excessive stress and anxiety

3.Boosts Immunity
Adding a bit of soursop fruit to your diet, either through refreshing beverages or desserts, can positively impact your overall health. Rich in vitamin C, the soursop stimulates the production of white blood cells, while the concentration of antioxidants helps to neutralize free radicals and prevent chronic disease.