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What Should You Consider When Selecting Healthy Foods to Eat

What Should You Consider When Selecting Healthy Foods to Eat
Today we still figuring out about best way to eat, what's best for eat and what best eat for healthy, for example some people might think that's eggs are best for him, but you also might think that's eggs are bad for you.

You still confused about nutrition, but believe that you're not alone.

According to a recent International Food Information Council Foundation survey, 80 percent of people feel confused about nutrition. Of course, headlines are partly have to blame , but disinformation on social networks  along with food marketing cause makes matters worse.

What is the number 1 healthiest food in the world?
What should you consider when selecting foods to eat?
How do I eat a healthy balanced diet?

This is might be a bit questions you'll see on Google page
Yet despite the seemingly always changing nutrition landscape and turnabouts in opinion there's actually a lot of agreement in the nutrition world.

Reading what's the healthiest food not solved your nutrition problems, it's was just make you feel confuse, 
Just eat what you want, your body will automatically absorb nutrients if he needs it and he will show symptoms of rejection if he doesn't need it

However, Here’s a look at where there is consensus, along with a look at some areas where even the scientists are still a bit unclear.

1.Emphasize plant foods
Research consistently shows that when you eat mostly plant foods, markers of health improve. Benefits include lower blood pressure, triglyceride levels, glucose and waist circumference, which can translate to a lower risk of a number of different diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

2. Reduce red and processed meats
Though headlines this fall claimed otherwise, the majority of scientific evidence is on the side of limiting or avoiding these foods. In fact, the study from which these headlines arose was massively criticized and disputed. If you like red meat, but you also want to reduce your chances of dying prematurely from any number of causes, including heart disease and cancer, consider how you might cut back

3. Focus on healthy fats and carbs
In the fat vs. carbs war, healthy is the keywords. In other words, you can eat a low-fat, high-carb diet healthfully just as you can eat a high-fat, low-carb diet healthfully.

4. A healthy diet doesn’t look the same for everyone
Like I say above, just eat, Any one person can benefit from any number of eating patterns if focused on the above factors. Eating is a highly personal experience and it involves more than just fueling your body or sitting down to nutrients on a plate.

Nutrition isn't a perfect science in fact, far from it and we don't have everything sorted out but look at the our ancestors, they always be healthy with their food without science nutrition