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5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Looking Young Even Enter Menopause

5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Looking Young Even Enter Menopause
When woman was enter manopause hormonal was change, the simple change is like the bellyfat, weight gain and many healthy problem, you maybe want to Stay Healthy and Looking Young Even Enter menopause.
But if we talked about belly fat, I've tips for you to reduce belly fat with a lemon

That's naturally change you have to face but don't think that you can't avoiding, However, when you ave the right approach for your body, weight loss is not only possible, it can even be simple.

There's five ways to Stay Healthy and Looking Young.

1. Adding the Strength training

When you enter time menopause, it's naturally you've losing your muscles mass, but you also can build your muscles by adding strength training

Try this routine that offers a great full body workout can build your muscles mass even you was enter menopause

What's the training for build muscle mass for menopause ?

Frog Jump

Repeat this 15 times daily day that helping you to build your feet muscles mass.

Squat Lunge

Stand with your feet apart and lower into a squat. Hold the pose for a moment then press on your heels to return to a standing position. Step forward on your right foot and bend both knees until the left knee is bent to a 90 degree angle. Push through your right foot to return to a standing position. Switch sides and repeat. Complete five reps of the whole move (both sides).

Mountain Climbing Plank

Just do 5 minutes with 10 reps workout that will be work

2. Fuel Up with Protein

You can't build muscle mass only with workout, adding your body protein that make muscle mass developing quickly

Why you need protein when enter menopause ?

The natural decline in estrogen as women approach menopause has been linked to both decreased muscle mass and bone strength. Adding extra protein to your diet can help combat this. 

3. Established hormones

A visit to your doctor will help establish if you have an imbalance in hormones and can then advise you on the best ways to fix the problems. Not all hormone imbalances are directly linked to menopause, either, so ask your doctor to do a full work-up.

4. Reduce Cortisol Levels

Cortisol also know by stress hormon, every body produced cortisol naturally daily morning. The problem is that cortisol is essential to lots of bodily functions including maintaining the right glucose and blood pressure levels, is hard to avoid, 

don't be stress !! it's be simple ways to avoid cortisol

You also avoid stress by meditation, just do one minute Meditation you will got the benefits,

5. Get Enough Sleep

Even you feel so hard to sleep, stay force to sleep, created a better bedroomes, comfortable temperature of your bedroom is a key points to get better sleep.

And avoid your smartphone or television before take a bed,