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Herbal medicine or home remedies to get rid bad breath : Don't make your friends cover his nose

Herbal medicine or home remedies to get rid bad breath : Don't make your friends cover his nose
Some people might be thinking that they're feel doesn't confident with bad breath, it's normally when you talk to someone you need make him comfortable spoken with you, bad breath just make he try to avoid it

Bad breath also called holotosis just make you feel bad for someone or for yourself,.
Usually bad breath just keep others away from you, definitely you're doesn't want to see someone cover his nose when they're talking with you.

There's plenty factors who make bad breath for example : 
1. dry mouth when you wake up, 
2. to much alcohol consumes
3. Smoking
4. Meal factors like like onion and garlic.

For treat bad breath there's several things you might to do, and the most important thing is found the reason why your breath so smells, like when you wake up from the sleep is normally you've had breath so just cleen your tooth and your tongue or when you eat something smells just cleen your mouth,
But some cases, bad breath occurs with habitual smoked or lungs infection you need find the doctors or try some medicine to solve the problem.

Try to get herbal medicine or traditional medicine with home remedies is the best possible way you've to try

There is herbal medicine / home remedies to get rid bad breath ;

There's plenty product you'll get at the market to get rid bad breath but try this simple home remedies it's also good for you

1. Use Areca leaf

Clean the areca leaf and boil with boiling water. Then let stand for a moment until warm then consume the cooking water regularly three times a day

2. Green tea

Green tea is an effective home remedy for bad breath. ResearchTrusted Source shows that green tea has disinfectant and deodorizing properties that can temporarily freshen the breath. Mint has similar effects, so a cup of green mint tea may be an ideal breath freshener.

3. Clove

There's plenty benefits on clove, this plants High in antioxidants but also better to get rid of the bad breath, soak it clove on hot water and try to gargle the water