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weight loss planner 2020 : it's not just about lose weight

weight loss planner 2020 : it's not just about lose weight

What you eat, what you drink and habitual meal also be way to make your body also looking good, but the messages of this article it's not about how to looking good, it's about obese

Why you should avoid obese ?

Did you know that over half of American will be obese within 10 year's and that will be even worse when one in four Americans will be severally obese with body mass index over 35, which means they will be more 100 pounds overweight.

100 pound overweight, how you looking ? I think Iran will never scared to face us

Currently, only 18% Americans are severally obese, I hope you not included, but you belong to it, now start to think how to lose your weight

How to lose your weight ?

Maybe you also have read about tips how to lose your weight, usually they just give you general tips about how to lose your weight like,
1. Eat more protein
2. Do exercise or workout
3. Drink water before take a meal
4. Drink half of a gallon water
5. Cut break on sugar and starches
6. Never mix your coffee with cream or sugar because Coffee without sugar or cream also reduce your risk of diabetes and help maintain blood sugar levels

Do that for healthy, that's right tips for you considered, or maybe you was do many exercise to help you lose weight, we also known that exercise can help you to burn your calories but you should know bad dieting exercising increase hunger for you and make you eat more calories than they burned during the workout.

Are that's tips really helpful for you to weight lose ?

Maybe yes for some people, but not for you.
You was see that people eating much but they are still skinny,

or some people eating less and do exercise but still looking fat, that's about "genetic"
What's research say about genetic ?
Research found the people who were obse were more likely to have a set of genes linked to being overweight, meanwhile people who skinny not only had fewer genes linked to obese in gene region newly associated with healthy thinnes.

All this time we stigmatize people based on weight subconsciously blame them for not taking care of themselves but this study show that genetic disposition that control theirs body weight

Then, are we can only give up to lose weight ?
This tips below can be Weight Loss Planner to Try

I mean start now don't think about your weight, just do an healthy lifestyle, considered the effect what you eat, improve your health and that's help you lose weight automatically.
Considering this healthy tips may help to healthier and lose your weight :

1. Try to making plan to make you stay healthy start now,

To lose weight you have to have a goal.The plan is to teach you how to develop healthy habits and create meals that include the necessary macro and micro nutrients to reach your desired goals.
It’s not about being dairy free, plant-based, keto, paleo, it’s getting people to focus on eating real food every day. Learning how to cut out refined sugars and processed foods

2. All real food

Preparation and discipline will be key to ensure that you remain on track to help  prevent overeating or undereating. This means food shopping  for the week ahead, as well as food prep  the night before is integral to your success.

3.You will be using food to fuel our body. 

Skipping meals or snacks will slow your metabolism and lead you to binge eat foods with little to no nutritional value. My goal for you, male or female, is to ensure that you eat REAL food each and every day

4. The structure of nutrition

The structure of the nutrition guide is as follows: At the top of the plan you will find Proteins (P), Carbohydrates (C), Fats (F), Vegetables (V)

5. Running for weight lose

Thats be some reason why you must to go for a run  right now
- It helps you lose weight
- It makes you feel better
- You could live longer
- It increases self esteem
- Get better sleep
- No expensive equipment needed

6. Traditional tips for lose weight

Mix the lemon on the water and drink daily morning, I've friends was do that and it's work, you also can mix the lemon on your coffee or tea