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How to Improve your relationship with your partner

How to Improve your relationship with your partner

Marriage is about shows and prove your commitment to your partner. To some people its just a piece of paper, but the others, it keeps your bond stronger and it helps in times when you feel weak, it helps you fight for your relationship. 
If you had a bad expirence with marriage, please dont make marriage sound like a disaster in general and discourage others

Communication should bring most important point followed by Trust and then loving yourself.

Talking about your ex allows both of you to reflect and improve from past relationships. Often people tend to make the same mistakes over and over again because they don’t talk about their past.

There's some tips to improve your relationship with your partner

Love yourself first.
The first thing how to love your partner is learn to loving yourself

Don’t talk about your ex. Please don’t. What’s in the past stays in the past.

Don’t rush things. Be slow and let time show you the next step.

Never get involved in a relationship just because of pressure. Some people try to hold on a relationship until they find something better, or feel they can change the other person to fit what they want. Chances are high that this isn’t gonna work and you will hurt their feelings later.

Never date someone after a breakup. You don’t know if he chose you because of love or obviously because he wants to forget his ex.

When a woman ask you a question, she already knows the answer.

Don’t marry because you are afraid of biological hour or you are afraid to be alone. Don’t be influenced with society. You are the one who will spend this life with that partner.

Communicate. Especially for women. Don’t expect your man to know what is wrong with you when you don’t talk. Just tell him. Make life easier.

Be honest. Never cheat on your partner, even by thinking. And never compare him with others. Every person has good and bad side. Love him the way he is.

Give your partner space. We women always do this mistake. We call them all the time. Instead you should spend time with friends and other people, so when you meet you have things to tell each other.

Support each other, in good and especially in bad days.

Never take your partner for granted. Invest your time and effort to make your relationship works in long term.

Have fun and spend good time together by Watching a comedy movie or reading jokes. Developing signs just both of you understand. Laugh as much as you can and never let boredom will cross over your life.

Know how to handle conflicts. It’s not what you fight about, it’s how you fight. And never stay a long period of not talking after a fight. Problems should be resolved immediately.

And don’t forget. The important thing about relationships is not love but respect. So respect your beloved ones and invest in their happiness