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Anti Aging Secret That Not Many People Know About

Anti Aging Secret That Not Many People Know About
This is not a secret, but it is something a lot of people don't know about. I am sure in the future more people will pay attention to this particular “tip”.

If you want to age well, reduce sugar consumption.

You must be wondering, how is sugar connected to aging at all?

Here’s how: sugar has been proven to be responsible for the creation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) when it binds to proteins.

AGEs are key players in skin aging.

AGEs don’t just float around in our bodies. We have specific receptors called RAGE that receive them. The activation of these receptors triggers oxidative stress and inflammation.

Guess what?

We have RAGE receptors in our dermis!

AGEs affect the removal of old collagen from the skin; in fact, glycated collagen leads to a decreased transformation of collagen III fibers into collagen I.

Decreased collagen turnout is responsible for the loss of elasticity and wrinkles’ formation.

Avoiding sugar will help you limit and slow down the glycation process which is a physiological one.

Sugar is not the only player when it comes to AGEs. However, sugar is the only thing that doesn’t really have any nutritional value so I would definitely drastically reduce the amount you consume.

Glucose and fructose play a critical role in glycation, but barbecued meats, toasted bread and dark-colored soft drinks contain high levels of AGEs.

Fruits are mostly sugar and water, so ideally you should avoid those, too. Since most people react quite strongly to this advice, I will point out that I am not saying you should never touch fruit in your life again, only that you should reduce consumption.

You can also eat fruits that are low in sugar content, like berries or avocado.

Fortunately, dietary habits can reduce AGEs in the body. First, a diet should contain low levels of monosaccharides (yes, carbs), which are responsible for the glycation phenomenon.

Water-based cooking methods such as boiling and streaming produce a logarithmically lower amount of AGEs.

Several aromatic herbs and spices are believed to be able to reduce the endogenous production of AGEs: cinnamon , oregano, cloves, ginger, garlic, α-lipoic acid, carnitine, flavonoids , resveratrol, vitamins, zinc, and manganese.

It’s quite obvious sugar is bad for overall health. Ant it’s bad for anti-aging, too. Do yourself a favor and reduce the amount of sugar you consume. You’re gonna notice improvements in your skin right away and long term when you’ll be able to spend more time with your family.

Source : Quora