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Ginger, Home remedies for improve your appetite

Ginger, Home remedies for improve your appetite
So much advice out there about weight loss, but very little about weight gain (although a lot of skinny people struggle with it).

Typically “JUST EAT MORE!” or “Go to McDonald’s!”.

Or There's many general advice out there about weight gain, like :

1. Increase your portion meal
2. Drink more calories
3. Add more fat to your diet

Anyway, here’s some quick tips to increase your appetite (improve your appetite) with popular herbs or home remedies also know ginger

Ginger can actually increase your appetite even with a simple processing method
As you known ginger have a positive effect on the digestive tract.  Ginger can help prevent excess gas and irritation to the stomach.

In addition, ginger can also be used to overcome loss of appetite
But how ??

1. Blend a small amount of ginger and add a little salt.
Eat ginger that has been mashed and given the additional salt is enough once a day.  This ginger concoction will cure your lost appetite.

2. Make and drink ginger tea every day.  How to make ginger tea is not difficult.  Boil 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger in 2 cups of water, after boiling for a few minutes remove from the heat.

Try it now, but the most important is to be patient