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Six Rockie Mistakes in Your First Year Marriage

Six Rockie Mistakes in Your First Year Marriage
Looks like marriage matter is always a passionate topic for we guys these days.
On the first year in marriage should be proved that no matter how much you fight each other like cats, you still end up loving each other like swans

First year marriage is a sweet momen but there's so many horrible things, it's make your mental health and marriage have both suffered

From a man's point of view ;

1. You Wanting and expecting sex everyday & every night with your wife, whether she wants it or not. After all, 

2 . Thinking that housework is woman's work.
Hey guys, married is mean do it together even that's housework

3. Thinking that taking care of children, is your wife's job.
It's absolutely wrong opinions,
Try to feel how suffering when she giving you baby

4. Thinking that, because you is the man of the house, all decisions are your mine. Any disagreements will be settled by your superior intelligence.

5. Acting like she should be grateful that you choose to marry her, instead of someone else.
Even though, you should be grateful when she wants to be your partner life, how lucky you're

6. Dont Continuing to act like a frat boy, even though I'm now married. (example)
And you start to Leaving dirty socks or underwear all over the floor.
Drinking cans of beer while watching sports all day Saturday, instead of participating with housework, shopping or child care, you Spending all of your free time with your male friends.

Oh man, I just wanna say that's she's your partner, not your housemaid