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How can you make people understand how bad your feeling ?

How can you make people understand how bad your feeling ?
It's being difficult to make people understand how bad you feel , but why you've to make the people understand that how your feeling now ?

Maybe You cannot bear the burden of your own feelings, and that is a natural thing because as human beings there really are times when we let our feelings against others to ease our minds

But to forced someone to understand what's your feeling it's so selfish , but try to telling someone about how bad your feeling now it's a right way, you also known what's I mean

I've revision this question into " how can I tell someone about my feeling right now "

1. Don't try to telling to all people

Discuss your private feeling with only the one you can trust, because that's someone you can trust can save your secret.
I think if you've have bad feeling is more about private sense

2. Don't cry when you telling your bad feel
You've make you look stronger, when you tell someone about how bad your feel it's doesn't mean you've to cry like baby 

3. Tell the truth
Certainly has a big problem to make a bad day, telling your discuss partner the stem problem is

4. Ask the advice
Besides you just want to share your feel but ask the advice, maybe it's just common advice who can't solved your problem, but believe me if that's someone giving someone advice that mean that someone care about you