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How to Sell Anything With Little or No Capital

How to Sell Anything With Little or No Capital

Djoeang.com - You can sell anything with little cost even no costs, despite the capital is also important thing in the world business but you still have much device to make money

First thing you must've is an idea, thinking that's something can make money
For example started to sell your services, don't make your self useless, use your phone to offer the people who want use yours service like wash their cars, home or maybe their toliet

It's just an example, but try to thinking that your body and your idea can make some money

Or try to be reseller, found e commerce website on your country, contact the the seller and make an offer that you can sell their products, even you don't have capital try to be dropshipper,
It's simple job but not easily, you need promote their products and take the fee with theirs sale