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How to Get Money Online From Fiverr For Beginner

How to Get Money Online From Fiverr For Beginner
Djoeang.com - If you was here, I assume that you was read my last article about 30 Ways To Make Money Online and 16 Trusted Website to earn money from internet, in my last article, I putting Fiverr as one of the favorites to make money from the Internet, not quickly but definitely.

What's Fiverr ?
Simply Fiverr is marketplace to provide people sell their skill and service, so many service are selling on the Fiverr, for example content writing service, translation, designer, website designers, and Mobile apps

Why Fiverr so potentially using to make money online ?

Remember, almost all the jobs in this world are doing by network, so you can took this opportunity to make online Income with sell your services to help people are need

How Fiverr work ?
So easy, Fiverr opened chance to all people to free registration, then if you was be their member, you can make your pretty gigs or portofolio, make audience interested to use your services, registration are very easy, you can registered by using your email or even Facebook

What's Fiverr Gig ?
Fiverr gig also known as portofolio, is like profile sheet to facilitate audience find you, also showing what can you do for your audience and so they are make order form 
In the gig sheet that includes your services and price
Price for gig started from $5 to $995. Fiverr takes commission of $1 dollar on each $5 sale. Fiverr cut off 5% above $20 purchase.

How can you make money from Fiverr ?
To make money online from Fiverr is very simple but not easily, you only just waiting to someone make an ordered your services,
But don't worry, there so many people out there will ready to use your services 

What's services can I do to make money online from Fiverr ?

1. Content Writing
Content writing is most selling service in Fiverr, this service can be very expensive up to 35 - $ 100, but despite this service being most favorite to sell, still I see a lot of queues to use content writing services

2. Graphic Designing
Graphics Designing being most ordered on fiverr, this is pretty harder, but because this is pretty harder job, you'll see a lot of queues to ordered graphics designer in Fiverr, if you have skill to make designer maybe it will be easier for you

3. Web Designing
All company in this world are racing to make best website to advertise their products,
unfortunately they lack the experts to do that which makes them end up using Fiverr services, 
Trust me, I see a lot queues to make ordered with higher prices

4. Video Creation/ Video Editing
Are you wanna be YouTuber, or even you have to make an products video marketing
Fiverr also can solve your problem and make your dream be reality

5. Voice Recording
Even you can speaking English well, your skill can be expensive 

6. Music
It's not many people using this service, but there are people who need music when they make a marketing video

7. Android/IOS Development
This is great opportunity for you to make money bursts, smartphone being integrals for daily life, at least we'll installed 20 apps to our smartphone, take this opportunity, there's so many online businessman need you and they'll pay higher for that

8. Translation
Very easy task for you, even you cannot translate your languages to English, you can translate English to your languages
Maybe Google translate can help you

You couldn't believe what I see, someone just translate English to their natives language also can make $ 15 only within translate 600 word

9. Ebook Selling
Certainly in my latest articles I was telling you about e book selling, it will be unlimited income and trust me that ebook cannot expired

10. Teaching
Teaching doesn't mean that you teach mathematics here, you can be a coach of fitness or meditation, or just reminding people to go on a diet

Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr and How to Increase ordered From Fiverr ?

1. Traffic
all the thing you do in internet you need more more traffic, moreover if you want sell something or also sell service 

How to increase traffic to my gigs. ?

Firstly, create a website for your gigs or fiverr profile. You don't have paying for this one, blogspot can helping you to make professional web or maybe you need domain to make it more professional
Then promote your blog to social media and make direct link to your gig

Secondly, use Google to search for your client. Don’t wait around for them to come, go to them. For instance, you fix WordPress Error, you can search Google for “Help Fixing WordPress Error” and you would be surprise how many people need your services. 

2. Buy yourself service

So in cases like this, create two or three profile, purchase your own gigs and watch the sales rolling in. Someone follow this tip and three days later he made 15 sales. He even had to decline some because he couldn’t deliver all in the speculated period

3. Female Gig
I was read this advice, and I hope I cannot recommend you to use this way but female profile has make more visitor compared male profil
I think is happening everywhere.

4. Look Like a Professional
Including your description and your profile, try to look like a professional, client are need an profesional to doing their job and believe me you'll get more orders

5. Best service 
Make sure if you have only one ordered try to make best service for your costumer and Do not sell low or below average service
If they have to make another ordered they'll contact you


Fiverr is a big market place in freelancing world, as one of the favorites to make money from the Internet, but still need hard effort and spending a lot time to make money online from Fiverr
Give your best service to your costumers and also make your costumers comfortable to using your services is important thing to make routine Income from fiverr