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How to Manage Family Finance For HouseWife, Make Your Husband Fall In Love With You

How to Manage Family Finance For HouseWife, Make Your Husband Fall In Love With You
Djoeang - Make Money and Be Success - Maybe on the several household / spouse, there's no problem in their financials, but in another household they're should considering how to manage their financials to create Harmony's family without any financial problem

Here, I assumed that you're an house wife who do not have additional income to help financially their husbands, so you need to learn how to manage your husband salary

The formula is“ Penny saved is a penny earned“. Saving can be one of the passive income if invested properly in different asset classes to earn extra income every month.

We need to follow these points. and make our savings work as hard as we do.

Save first
If you have met your daily needs, you really have to fulfill it, then you see that there's money left over, so you should use that money to save first than you use the money for useless shopping

Why is spending before saving so unnecessary?

This formula is to anticipate things that are outside your mind, so saving is something you should do daily month

How to save your money ?
There's commonly advice to save your money, but I suggest you to save 50% from the balanced or at least you can save 20% from totally income or your husband salary

There's so plenty banking investment will guarantee your savings remain intact, this investment does not make you rich, but at least the use of your money can be very appropriate

How to choose an investment ?
Basically to find real investment is to avoid your own greed , do not be tempted by investments that say you will get rich instantly

Daily Spending Controls
Here, I not suggest you to do not use your money to buy anything, but try to  just using your money to buy the things you really need to make your family financially more stable.

Traveling less save more
Indeed traveling is what you want right now, but just imagine how much it costs you to travel once?
Why don't you use your existing money and save it instead of spending money just for traveling

Expensive cosmetics
Cosmetics costs are costs that you have to spend, avoid choosing expensive cosmetics to reduce expenses

Cut down your redwine 
How much does a bottle of redwine?
This is a waste of money that you have to pay


Spend your money wisely. Before you buy anything for the family ask yourself is this something we must buy or something we want to buy.

People I know routinely spend hundreds of dollars every month on restaurant food (take-out lunches, home delivery for dinner), long distance phone calls, alcohol, and expensive vehicles (lease payments, maintenance expenses).

Suppose you spend $8 per day on lunch and have home delivery restaurant food 3 times per week for $25 each time. You make long distance calls for $25 per week and consume alcohol for an equal amount. Your vehicle lease is $500 per month. These expenses total $1160 per month

There's no magic to make stable family financial but, again, discipline factor are necessary especially for housewife who manage family finances. I've seen families that didn't have a lot of income but their housewife can manage theirs family finances very well and there no any problem come in

If you can help your husband to earn Money 
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