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86 Most Profitable Business Ideas With or Without Investment

86 Most Profitable Business Ideas With or Without Investment
Djoeang - Make Money Online and Be Success - I'm very understand if you are someone who wants to build an business or company, but if you wanna more various business ideas so you can choose which business you should do

Basically, business ideas are very much determined by the conditions around us, forcing business ideas that are reviewed by various sites while they are not suitable for your conditions and places will only bring losses to the capital you have invested

The following are various business ideas that you can do, but remember to choose the one according to the conditions and the appropriate location

1. Designing simple house
Even though setting up a designer business really requires expertise, you can take advantage of freelancer sites such as fivver and upwork, so you can market your services offline Then order them from reliable designers on fivver or upwork.

But my advice is at least you have to understand a bit about how to designers, even if you can design yourself would be very good, you will get a very expensive payment with that

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start Designing Simple House Business?

You need designer skill, but don't worry instead you don't have to spend a lot capital

2. Make android application
Why you have make Android application ?
with currently only 80% of new offline businesses integrated online then you have the opportunity to see around you, what other people need on a daily basis Then integrate into applications that can even make you become  millionaire

There are already many people who are suddenly rich and successful by successfully integrating offline businesses into online, for example ubber and many e commerce sites

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Make Android Application ?
To make Android application, you don't have spending your money but you have to spending your time, despite you don't have any skill to make it, I ensure that you can find many freelancer can helping you

3. Selling secondhand equipment
This is a very profitable business, what more if you can match the application to sell your secondhand product, imagine how many people need secondhand product and how many want to sell their their used equipment at home
Even without an application, you can create a website with the theme of buying and selling secondhand equipment

What Do You Need To Start A Selling Secondhand equipment Business? You need e commerce website or at least you can sell it on your social media

4. T Shirt Design
There are many applications that make it easy for you to make an design on your t shirt, use this then you just have to produce the t shirt that you was designed.
The most interesting thing about this business is that you always have to monitor every thing that is trending Then make it your brand or logo on your t shirt.

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start T Shirt Designing Business? A great marketing, without a great marketing you can't be success 

5. Clearly Affliate Marketing
This is the most genius way to make money, this is also a very genius business idea
Imagine that with only a little capital you can generate a large income
Lots of articles that will give you a guide on how to make money through affiliate marketing

What Do You Need To Be affliate marketing ? You don't need spending your money, instead you have to patient to build yours audience

6.Reviews/ Perfume Testers
You don't need to buy expensive perfume to review, look for cheap perfume, then create the content,
You also can use your blog or YouTube channel

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To be Parfum Tester ? You need a lot capital and more more experiment

7. Selling perfume
Well, you can sell the perfume that you have reviewed, online or offline
You can get double income at once

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Selling Parfume ? You need a lot capital, experience and suitable location

8. Ebay marketing
Very similar to affiliate marketing, I'm reluctant to discuss eBay here, you will find many websites that give you instructions to become an ebay seller.

What Do You Need To Start Be Ebay Marketing? Similarly Affliate Marketing you've build your audience and make them trust you

9.Blogger / Vlogger
This is the big dream of almost everyone who expects to get income from the internet, there are many people who only play games but they create content or channels and then make money

What Do You Need To Be blogger ? Skill, you need skill to make content writing, you don't need an capital to started

Similarly like blogger, if you have an idea to build a channel, you have the potential to generate even 1000 dollars per day from YouTube

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Be YouTuber? Unique content and Video Editing skill

11. Buy and Sell your domain
Buying a domain means you are investing, imagine the domain name that you are using today is wanted by big companies, or even the government
You will make money this way
But this investment is fraught with an risks.

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Buy/Sell Domain Business? You need invest your capital and be patient

12. Selling your photos
If you have a good camera and are interested in producing beautiful pictures, there are many websites that accept your photos and they'll pay expensive for your pictures

What Do You Need To Sell You Photo ? You need an skill and good camera

13. Photo Marriage Agency
Getting married is the moment most couples all over the world look forward to, being a photographer to capture the moment of marriage can make a lot of money,

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start Photo Marriage Agency Business? You need a lot capital and skill, also you need extra marketing

14. Online survey
No doubt, many have proven that they can make money from various online sites,
However, the income from online surveys tends to be small, it's hard to make this a business idea

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start Online Survey ? Time and also you need more guide

15. Surveys Agency Offline
Unlike the online survey which only gives you change, being a survey agency is an expensive price
just imagine how much the survey price for a political party candidate, for example
In addition, companies around you also need surveys to improve their services

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Survey Agency Business? You need a lot workers, and good marketing

16.Accounting agency
If you have a certificate or study accounting, your skills will be very expensive
There are typical accountants who work directly for the company, but there are also independent accountants who need your services to audit their finances.

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Accounting Agency ? Skill and Bachelor degree

18. Financial advisor
Just like an accountant who is needed by a company, financial advisor is certainly a luxury agency that has a wider reach
When the accountant only plays in the company, financial advisors can provide services to manage the finances of each family

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Financial Advisor Business? bachelor degree and suitable location

19. Boat cleaning
It may sound simple, but a large-scale shoe-washing business is certainly very luxurious
You can also create applications that allow costumers to cash on delivery

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Boat Cleaning Business? You need spending more time and more capital 

20.Car wash
Tight competition will occur if you want to open a car wash business, this business has been done by many others, but if you can do different services then you will overthrow all your competitors.

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Car Wash Business? Kill your competite and spending a lot money, also you need suitable location to make this business

21. Car repair
It is very difficult to make this business , 
Why didn't I suggest car repair as a business option that you should build?
The answer is competition, don't try to dreaming that you can wining this competition if all car users use insurance to repair their car if it breaks

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A car repair Business? Skill, despite you don't have an skill , you can find someone that can help you

22. Bicycle Repair
Instead of you hoping to build a car repair shop, maybe bicycle repair is the best option for you, in this era of the corona pandemic, many people are aware that they need bicycles to maintain their fitness.
 So you can use this as a business idea

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Bicycle Repair Business? Skill and good location are necessary

23. Business planning service
Are you not the only one thinking how to start a business?
I am not the only one who can provide guidance on how to set up a business

Maybe you understand better than me
Learn why you don't open an agency that will give other people an idea of ​​their business planning for the long term

What Do You Need To Started Business Planing Service ? Experience and Bachelor degree

24. Business Agency Service Administration
Another problem for business people is the complexity of administration, you can offer your services to help them prepare all the administration of their company to the State.

What Do You Need to be Business Agency Service ? You need an experience and Bachelor degree

24. Contractor
Creating a company that can help you to win a tender is an elite job with minimum skills, what you need is more relations and more lobbying.
The tenders you can do also depend on your company later 
You may win a tender from the State or from another company

What Do You Need To Be Contractor ? You need experience, company and more capital

25. Drivers
Driving while generating income is fun, many drivers from Uber enjoy decent results by offering driver services to others

What Do You Need To Be Driver ? Skill and obviously a Car

26. Cleaning service
Busyness makes people don't have enough time to even just clean their house
This is a business opportunity
How can this work?
Simple, you only need to offer your services to help clean someone else's house
If you want to be better, then creating an application that makes it easy for other people to order your services will be very profitable

What Do You Need To Start A Cleaning Service Business? You have to make some platform who can help your costumers make an ordered

27. Child Party Designs
Children really want an interesting party if they have a birthday, what is even more profitable is that parents do not have enough time to design their child's birthday party
Immediately offer your services and get a big income from this business opportunity

What Do You Need To Start A child Party Designs Business ? Marketing and Designing Skill

28. Birthday Hat
I once read a success story from someone who took advantage of the idea of ​​making birthday hats, even the business has been done on a large scale and generated thousands of dollars

What Do You Need To Start A Birthday Hat Business? marketing strategy and skill

29. Birthday cake
Of course you need a cake when celebrating a birthday, but if you have this skill then I make sure you will have lots of orders and abundant income.

What Do You Need To Start A Birthday Cake Business ? Skill and Marketing, maybe you can show your cake on your social media

39. Wedding cake
Just like birthday cakes, you can also use your cake-making skills to become income

What Do You Need To Start A Wedding cake Business? Skill and Marketing are Necessarily

40. Wedding design planning
Marriage, of course, is the moment most anticipated by every couple, the price to be paid for each party will also be very expensive
If you can Designing the wedding party and make it your main business then you will make a dollar

What Do You Need To Start Wedding Designing Business? You need skill, and more experience

41. Wedding Banner
Not only for weddings, banners also needed as well as condolences, congratulations for other things
This business is very potential for you to do at this time

What Do You Need To Start A Wedding Banner Business? To make Profitable from this business you need skill and spending a lot capital

42. Consultant
You may be the consultant of a project depending on your values ​​and skills
Remember, when you want to make money, all you need is skill

What Do You Need To Be Consultant ? experience, bachelor degree and also you need find good location

43. Dog Trainer
I never thought that in big cities of Europe and America, dog trainers are a necessity for those who have pets
The way it works is also quite easy, you only need to walk the road with their dog

What Do You Need To be Dog Trainer ? Skill, Experience and spending more time

44. Editor
Whatever happens at this time will be published on social media, if you have this expertise you can offer your services to those who are interested in publishing an interesting video
But my advice is that you should use these skills to create your own videos and make dollars on YouTube

What Do You Need To Be Editor ? Skill and Experience

45. Electronic Repair
Everything in Rumah Kita is basically electronically integrated,
Laptops, smartphones, washing machines etc, if you have this skill it will be very easy for you to make dollars

What Do You Need To Start A Electronic Repair Business? You need more experience and more experiment

46. ​​Golf courses / trainer
What you need to make money from becoming a Golf coach is Experience, training or licensing

Don't forget, when you really want to become a golf coach, you should have achievements, you also have to have relationships between other golf players so that you will be recommended as a coach.

What Do You Need To Be Golf Trainer ? Maybe you need certificate and more relations

47. Energy Auditors
What do you need to make money becoming Energy Auditors?
You must understand how much electricity consumes every detail of the equipment used at home or in the company, not only that, you also have to understand machines with the same capabilities as they have but only use low electrical power, so you can recommend machines  or the equipment to replace the old one

What Do You Need To Be Energy Auditors ? More experience and skill

48. Export - Import
What is in your environment may not be available in other countries, and vice versa
However, if you want to start an export-import business, what you need is very large capital and very difficult licensing.
I don't recommend this

What Do You Need To Start A Export Import Business? You need license and a lot capital

49. Jewelry makers
You will find lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to create jewelry even from obsolete items, this would be an excellent business idea.

What do you need to make money with Jewelers Maker?
1. Skill
2. Useful equipment
3. Imagination

50. Public / Legal notary
What are notary ??
Notary are the authorized parties to prove the validity of a document,
Signatures and stamps owned by notaries will be very expensive, but if you have the desire to become a notary, all you need is a bachelor's degree

What Do You Need To Be Public / Legal Notary? bachelor degree and right place

51. Meditation Trainer
How much time it takes for people to meditate in one day can vary,
Where appropriate for meditation is also something to consider
If you have extensive knowledge of meditation, you can make this a very attractive business idea

What Do You Need To Start A Meditation Trainer ? You need an skill and right location

52. Tax calculated
Even if you are not a company owner, you will be sued to pay taxes, but if you are just a worker, of course you don't need someone to calculate the total tax you have to pay to the state.

Then what if you have a company?
You must pay attention to every detail of tax, therefore you must have an independent tax auditor who will calculate how much expenses you have to pay to the state and how to minimize taxes.

What Do You Need To Be tax Calculate? You need experience and Bachelor degree

53. Music instrument lesson
Even though there are many tutorials about music that can be viewed for free on YouTube, you can open a music course for children who have an interest in musical instruments.
 It's also a hobby that can make a lot of dollars

What Do You Need To Be Music Instrument Lesson ? You need skill and Marketing

54. Job outsourcing
Do you know what job outsourcing is?  Job outsourcing can be said to be an agency that provides labor when a company needs labor

What you need is a license and then open a job as large as the size and then collaborate with the company

What Do You Need To Start A Job outsourcing Business? license, relationship between another company 

55. Microsoft Trainer
If you open a job agency I am sure you will see that not everyone understands computerization, they don't even know how to use MSWord or Excel properly.
Think of it as a good opportunity to make dollars

What Do You Need To Be Microsoft Trainer ? Skill and Experience, also you need good marketing

56. Hairstylist
What do you need to become a hairstylist?
It's easy, you just need skill and understand what every costumers want from their hair
You can also learn lots of new tutorials from YouTube

If you already have a strong brand as a hairstylist, then I believe you will make a lot of money

What Do You Need To Be Hairstylist ? You need skill and promote trending stylist

57. Herbalist
Many people today don't want to use modern medicine
In fact, the potential for this business is that someone opens a special school that provides education to become a herbalist
This business opportunity is very potential

What Do You Need To Be Herbalist ? You need an experience, skill or maybe license

Even though you do not have an expert certificate as a massage therapist, if you have experience and strong curiosity, you can open a traditional massage place which can also be a source of income for you.

What Do You Need To Start A Massage Therapist Business? You need skill and good location

59. Moving service
In this modern era, moving from City to City is something you cannot avoid
A person can even move several times a year, and you can help make their move very easy with sell your service to help them,
And you can generate a lot money from this service

What Do You Need To Start A Moving Service Business? A lot capital, because you need a lot workers an trucks

60. Franchise
At this time In Asia, a franchise business that already has a well-known brand is sure to get success, many people have made a lot of money by paying attention to trend franchises.

What Do You Need To Start A Franchise Business? Right location, right frenchies and Capital

61. Breakfast Delivery
Do you need breakfast?  No time to prepare breakfast?
contact us

Imagine if this is the business you have, how many people are there every morning ordering breakfast to you?
how many dollars can you make?

What Do You Need To Start A Breakfast Delivery Business? You need make some platform who will help your costumers make an ordered

To become a social media influence, you don't need special skills, what you need is a social media account with a large number of followers, then you can offer a company collaboration to market their products

What Do You Need To Be Influencers ? Totally Free, you just have a lot followers

63.Social media buzzer
Unlike social media influencers who must have a lot of followers, to be a buzzer you don't need a lot of followers, just have a lot of social media.

What Do You Need To Start Social Media Buzzer Business? A network and more social media accounts, totally Free

64.Sell ​​food
Still this is an option, you might be able to sell burgers or a variety of other snacks

What Do You Need To Start Selling Food ? Skill, and also I suggest you to make an platform

65.Selling coffee
Coffee is now a trend, almost everyone in the world today chooses coffee as a casual drink
Take this opportunity to make a dollar for every cup of coffee you sell

What Do You Need To Start Selling Coffee Business? a less Budget and skill

66.Selling cigarettes
You can produce cigarettes yourself or cooperate with cigarette producing countries

What Do You Need To Start Selling Cigarettes ? You need to find where you can import tobacco

67.Online newsletter
If in the past you could sell newspapers every day, now you can create an application or create a website that will provide the latest news news around you.

What Do You Need To Start A Online Newsletter Business? You need an platform and writing skills

So many entrepreneurs has been reached millions of subscribers for their podcasts. Thats not all.  you can achieve success by creating your own podcast and try to make your subscriber be your pennys

What Do You Need To Be Podcaster ? Totally Free, but you must have a great skill

69.Home computer repair
Why you have to choose your home make this business ?
Having a home repair service gives you two advantages over the usual computer repair stores. One, your rates will be cheap because you do not have to factor in rent. Second, by going to their homes instead of them going to your store, your service becomes convenient

What Do You Need To Start Computer Repair Business? Skill, More experience and more experiment

70.Sell your eBooks

Selling eBooks from various authors or books that you authored is easy means, even as a teenager can earn extra income with make their own e Books, 

What Do You Need To Sell you e book ? You need make a website and make your audience interested to buy your e Book

71.Make your own book
Start writing and publishing your own books.
This is the best business model I’ve ever seen.
You also can make an e book, but try to sell your paperbook and make a lot profit

What Do You Need To Make Your Own book ? Skill and a bit capital to produce it

72.Personal fitness trainer

A 2011 survey by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute showed that 22.3% of Filipino adults are overweight, and 6.1% are obese. According to the Department of Health, heart disease has remained the number one killer in the Philippines since 1990.
If you have the equipment and knowledge that can make you a trainer, this is a brilliant business idea

What Do You Need To be personal fitness trainer ? You need skill, experience and capital to buy much equipment and maybe you can rent it

breakfast or lunch dishes but smaller portions, served on kitsch plates, sprinkled with seeds and sold at massively inflated prices

What Do You Need To Start A lunkfast Business? Skill and Marketing

74.Food delivery

It will be different with sell usual food, you can make an platform who will help people to ordered your food, and make them delivered
Food business is a popular industry. However, with rental rates escalating and minimum wage increasing, focusing on delivery services is a good option.

What Do You Need To Start A Food Delivery Business? You need skill and make a platform to help your costumers make an ordered

You also can generate a lot dollar just playing game, but try to make improvements with your games, and record and upload to your Chanel
So many gamers out there who was being rich

What Do You Need To be a Gamers ? Totally Free, you just need skill

76.Tour guide

This is a no-brainer. Everyone knows museums, monuments, etc. are all going to be available for virtual experiences to someone who visited your place
Then you can generate money from them

What Do You Need To Be Tour Guide ? Foreign language Skills

77.Forex trading
Forex is traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week across by banks, institutions and individual traders worldwide. Unlike other financial markets, there is no centralized marketplace for forex, currencies trade over the counter in whatever market is open at that time

That's mean, you can try your lucky 24 hours, 5 days a week

What Do You Need To Be Trader ? You needed more capital, more experience, more experiment, and more lucky

78.Selling trending products
You also can find what the trending now, find the product and sell it

What Do You Need To Start  Selling Trending products? You need make a platform 

79.Laundry services
This is also a very good business idea for you, almost everyone needs laundry, if you can beat your competitors then you can make money from this business
However, this business competition is very fierce

What Do You Need To Start A Laundry Service Business? Skill and a lot capital

80.Affliate Marketing

Why I'm suggest you for join affliate marketing to make money remotely ?

However, affliate marketing make it possible to make money from anywhere or through any company in the world that gives you the opportunity to become affiliated with it

What Do You Need To be affliate marketing ? You need more experiment and don't give up, is heard simply but so harder to be successful affliter

81.Online Tutoring

Teaching is fun thing that you can do, besides you get paid you have also done good things to other people,
Don't be confused to get started, you can record your tutoring and post it on YouTube to get an income that can even exceed your salary

In addition, you can also take advantage of plenty websites that will provide space for you to get paid for every video lesson you upload

What Do You Need To be online tutoring ? Skill and good editing

There is so many e commerce website has been built, even you have no money to sell some products, you can make money from selling other products

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

What Do You Need To Start A Dropshipp Business? You need more experience and be patient

83.Email marketing
With Building an email list can make you a lot of money online, help you build a solid brand and of course help readers come back to your site, time after time.

Email marketing can be seen to make you money in a few different ways, such as direct email promotions, to deliver free reports that are monetized and my favorite, to drive traffic back to your site where you make money from other methods.

What Do You Need To be emailing marketing ? You have make your audience willing to give their emails address for you

84.Re skinning apps
I not recommend this ways, but if you can or you know that's someone can do this, why not

Re-skinning apps is actually a pretty simple process. You purchase/create an app template, change the graphics, and then sell the app. It will typically take a person 1 to 3 hours to complete the whole process depending on their experience level. 

What Do You Need To Start Re Skinning apps Business? You need Skill And more experiment

85.The pool hall and billiards
The pool hall and billiards business has potential income with the right approach to marketing. 
Billiards halls were once popular,but you can make it into money makers with perfect strategy marketing.

What Do You Need To Start a pool hall and billiards Business? Right location and lot capital and remember you need a lot capital

86.Gaming centers
Is most profitable business idea that you can make it,
Starting an online gaming center is yet another thriving and profitable business that a teenager can successfully launch. 
Why I suggest you to make gaming centers ?
Simply, Game lovers all over the world visit gaming sites to register and play various games of their choice and the game will be continues release

What Do You Need To Start A Gaming centers Business? A lot capital and right location

Conclusion :

what if your business idea is determined by the environment or location you are

Then, If you are at the start of your business, the good business idea is the business idea you are really passionate about it. Then, you have to understand how it can make you money in a predictable with your product and your business,. How you can provide value better than anyone else.

The most important thing about finding a business idea is how you find problems from people around you and then try to solve them
Even if you don't have a business idea, you just need to look at other people's business ideas and change them for the better, or you are trying to integrate an offline business into online,

So whatever you do should be in accordance with the planning that you did before
Don't wait anymore, get up your business now
However, choose a business that suits your skills, capital and place, forcing to build a business that is not according to your abilities will only make you lose