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What is the first thing you need to start a profitable business ?

What is the first thing you need to start a profitable business ?
Djoeang - All the businessmen actually have the potential to advance, but they don't use their potential to become successful businessmen, they are only able to dream,
That's why every article published by Djoeang always says that do it now, whatever the form of business idea

Goals are very important, you can choose different paths but still consider the goals you really want

Do you want to expand your business?
Do you want to be a businessman who earns a lot of income?

That is the main goal you choose to become a businessman

If you want to create a goal in building a business, what you do is evaluate yourself first

There are questions to yourself before you build a business

1. What business will you do?
2. What contributed to you to do this business?
3. What are the benefits for yourself and others
4. Should you do it or not?

If you can answer these 4 questions then you can make a business that you will really run very well
These 4 questions will determine what your goal is to make a business

What if I want to make a business?

1. Passion
Passion is the main thing when you want to build a business
There are many companies in this world that provide investment in a company only because of the passion they have

For example: a football club will be successful with achievements and can gain profits only because the owner has a passion in football
They don't do it for profit but in the end they get the advantage

With passion, we have strong capital to answer why we have to build a business
Passion also gives you clear ideas about how you will advance a business

"We believe anyone with a passion will change the world for the better"

Why is passion very determines a business success?

Passion is the main fuel if you imagine you will build a business,
Other people just fantasize that they will only benefit from the effort they do, but when they run out of ideas, they start giving up the business they have built without knowing what their passion is.

Remember, everyone is born with different passions and talents
Do you know what your talents are?
Are you familiar with your own passion?

If you know your own talents and passions, I'm sure you can turn your passion into a business

"Success is not determined by how much money on your account , success is determined by how satisfied you are with what you can do for yourself and others."

If your business has problems and problems, passion will determine how long you can last
Every business will have problems, but those who stick with passion are the ones who last the longest until they know how to solve their problems

2. Purpose

Did you know that a study says that an athlete who aims to cross the limits of his ability will produce better results than other athletes

This explains that we must have a strong sense of self-confidence to be able to achieve success, stop limiting your desires and goals and start imagining as if you are the most likely to beat everything.

"It's time to make dreams come true"

Motivate yourself that there's nothing we can't do
Motivation is that this business will lead you to become a rich entrepreneur who may be in the list of 10 richest people in the world

3. The point of view of seeing the problem

The more advanced the world is, the more problems people will create, in the past people did not need cables, but after electricity appeared, people thought about how to supply electricity to their homes, then the world evolved again,

People think how to connect a network without using cables?

This is what is meant by the point of view of seeing the problem, in my previous article I explained a lot that great entrepreneurs are those who can make problems faced by other people as ideas, and they will provide tools to solve these problems and generate income.

 3. Think Innovative

Neurologists say that creative and innovative thinking involves complex cognitions that are constructed by the brain in a habitual way

How will innovative thinking help you in building your business?

1. Dreaming
Don't let you be afraid to explore all the ideas you have in your head,

2. Observe
We recommend that you remember or carry a small note wherever you are to observe all the things that might help you to build a successful business.

3. Take time outs
Leave it all at a glance, and start taking the time to consider creative ideas that will help you build a successful business

4. Don't be afraid to fail
The main problem of a businessman is that they are afraid to take risks and are afraid to fail, forget all that
Motivating yourself to fail means that you will go to true failure